How I Like Lima: Two True Answers

“So, how do you like Lima?”

 Answer off the top of my head: I don’t know about “Lima” – most days I’m just hanging out in Fiona’s house. I spend a lot of time on the internet (checking out sites like GawkerHuffPo and MailOnline and chatting with friends). I watched the Hunger Games last weekend… 

Answer I need to memorize: Lima’s so great! I love all the wall murals downtown and found some of the actual artists online. We went to the Magic Water Circuit, walked around Larco Mar and saw all the cats at Parque Kennedy. The food is my favorite: ceviche, Lomo Saltado, Aji de Gallina, anticuchos and more! I can’t wait to go to Machu Picchu and I may even visit the Galapagos. OMG! You have to hear about the crazy time I had at Pariwana Hostel – you won’t believe it!

The problem with the first answer is, it can give the wrong idea. A few days ago, I’d barely uttered, “Well, most days I’m just hanging out here…” when the girl asking looked concerned and exclaimed, “Oh no! We’ve got to get you out doing stuff.” Seems she’d somehow heard me say, “I’ve been stuck in this house with nowhere to go and no one to do it with and I hate it!” The reality is, I’m just a homebody. I could (and do!) stay indoors for days, just reading, chatting online, talking to whomever’s around.

Ever since that conversation, I’ve been wondering what’s to blame for this communication gap. Two theories:

Theory 1: Most People Aren’t Homebodies. I know of people who always need to be running about, meeting people and doing things that involve huge throngs of other people. So when these types meet a homebody, they assume the person is miserable like they’d be in the same situation.

Theory 2: I Don’t Understand Small Talk. Maybe it’s just a normal thing in small-talk conversations to memorize a more gushy answer like the second one above. In reality, no one’s really “doing” much more than anyone else. You just have to talk like you are.

What do you think: theory 1, theory 2 or do you have another theory?

Here’s a collection of recent photos entitled: My Suburban Life In Peru That May Not Sound Exciting But Suits Me Fine, Thank You Very Much!

Breakfast most mornings: peanut butter, nutella and banana on toast! By the way, have you seen the Nutella commercials touting it as a hazelnut spread with “a hint of cocoa”?! Nutella is CHOCOLATE SPREAD. Why not just own that?!


A snowy egret and poisonous toad feel each other out at the laguna in our neighborhood.



Around the corner from the neighborhood.


My odd foot tan Sylvia looked at and exclaimed, “¡Perece como infermidad!” I agree with the person on this post that said they look like giraffe feet!


Here are the fab sandals that caused it:


Just like a little kitty-cat, someone loves boxes!


Backseat mischief! (I love the look in her eyes…)


Rare photo Fiona and me:


7 thoughts on “How I Like Lima: Two True Answers

    • Cheeky monkey! I can see it now: a well-meaning acquaintance asks, “So how are you finding Lima?” And with a stern look I reply, “Mind your own bloody business!” LOL

      • Yes ma’am!! I am a terrible influence on you! 😀 when really, I should be grooming you to be my sister in law. I won’t put you through that, however.

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