Parque Kennedy & Parque del Amor

This morning I ventured out and rode with Fiona to her job in San Isidro. From there, I took a 12 soles ($4.80) cab ride to Kennedy Park to behold the feral cats she’d told me about. (Or as Fiona refers to them, “Snakes with feet”.) Parque Kennedy is Miraflores’ central plaza, which hosts regular flea markets and art exhibitions.

I hung out there for awhile, then walked about 20 minutes down to El Parque del Amor (Love Park.) Predictably, there were actual adult couples embracing and kissing on this sunny weekday morning. Not to be cynical, but I once heard that if you’re going to have an affair, conduct it in the morning rather than the evening!

Even though it was a clear day, the sky was somewhat hazy and blended almost indecipherably with the water.

PK gato1 PK gato2 PK gato3 PK church sidewalk P amor P amor2 P amor3 P amor4 taxi2 taxi3

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