“Weekly Photo Challenge: culture” Taxi Driver

I decided to feature this recent cab ride for this week’s Photo Challenge. Here in Lima, a taxi pretty much represents the entire scope of my transportation options. I’m too non-Peruvian looking (and sounding) to safely ride the buses, so unless my destination is within walking distance, it’s taxi-time.

As we can see, this guy’s prepared for the inevitable and unforgiving Lima traffic. No doubt he picked up this newspaper from one of the vendors beckoning drivers as they sit in their idling cars.┬áTaxis here aren’t metered; rates are negotiated before the passenger even hops in. I see it as a good thing, as a simple 12-mile ride could take 20 minutes or several hours.

From the boldly-decorated windshield visor and barely-visible beaded seat cover, to the rosary and the driver himself, this photo represents a large chunk of Lima, Peru for me.


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