Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Great timing for this week’s photo challenge! Just yesterday, I was walking through Centro Lima and kept stopping to marvel at the dozens of intricate murals lining the otherwise ordinary city streets.

Googling “murals in Lima,” I find work by “Sego”, “Jade”, “Twis and Soten” “Amed”, “Saner” and others. I recognize the Saner immediately – the motley gang of masked men below. In his signature imagery, Saner references South American folklore and culture while exploring powerful folkloric narratives. (Paraphrased from here.)

I haven’t been in Peru long – this is my 3rd week – and I don’t know the specific meanings or significances of any of these scenes, but if you do, please share!

Click on any pic to enlarge and view as slideshow. 

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

  1. Awesome pics! I know the last mural is a depiction of the chakana, a religious symbol of the Incas that represents the three worlds: upper world (hana pacha), the everyday world (kay pacha), and the lower world (ucu pachu). Here’s a link to the Wiki in case you’re interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chakana

    • Thank you!! The photos here appear in random order (different each time you refresh) but from looking at your link, you must be referring to the symmetrical, cross-shaped, warm-toned mural painted on vertical slats. Thanks again!!

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