2013 Q1 resolution & 2012 in review

According to this week’s writing challenge, our earth will be done in 3 months when some loco meteor hits it. So is this a “thing” now; is some meteor the new 12/21/12?

I like the idea of a 3-month resolution. I just have room for one: to get a full-time job. And not because of the whole needing-money-to-live thing. Sure, that’ll crop up eventually. In 2013, I want to get my own apartment and start making a legitimate effort to learn the local language, whether it’s Mandarin, Vietnamese, Cantonese or Malay. At the moment, those are my contenders: Shanghai, Saigon, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. Which one sounds best to you?

The next two months will be telling, as I have some sort of interview in each place. After my February Break in the US – Austin, Dallas, Telluride, Tahoe, LA – I hope to start something full-time in March! (Er, maybe late-March. I’m supposed to visit my college roommate in Peru in March.)

As for 2012, Adios! WordPress.com gave me a 2012 annual report for Ohiasia and I was a little surprised by my top posts for 2012:

1. Singapore is Boring (There, I said it.)

2. Awesome Map of Hong Kong

3. How long does a letter take to get to Hong Kong from the US?

Lots of people asking google how long mail takes between HK and the US. Ten days, people. Ten days. And postcards from Vietnam? We’re about to find that out too. (Soon as the dang post office opens again.)

Click here to see the complete report.

Happy New Year!!

4 thoughts on “2013 Q1 resolution & 2012 in review

  1. First thing first, happy new year! I was reading all of your entries about Saigon. It was like open up an album, recall all memories about this new bustling city in South East Asia which I visited last November.

    • The Hong Kong postcards arrived so quickly!! My sister still hasn’t gotten hers that I mailed December 26. The post I mentioned should be up on the 14th, so try to remember what you were going to say until then. See you soon!

  2. I vote for Shanghai! Loved it. I was only there for 5 days, but it was a super cool, nutty city. Also, I concur. Singapore IS boring. Whenever people asked me about it, I tried to dance around this fact. But really, it’s a bit of a snooze, isn’t it?

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