How long does a letter take to get to Hong Kong from the US?

Ten days. (And about a dollar.) Postmarked the 3rd. Today is the 13th.

Thanks to Angela for this bit of research. Here’s my address for everyone participating in the exclusive timeshare offer in the previous post:


2 thoughts on “How long does a letter take to get to Hong Kong from the US?

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  2. Wow 10 days? WTF They land there everyday! Why should it take 10 days that’s crazy! Really! We pay good money to get stuff sent and there’s really no reason it should take 10 dam days!! None!! I can see two and at the worst three if something happened to the plane. But come on that’s so crazy unfair I would never do it again! I was going to send valintines day cards to my kids and wife and today’s the 9th I’m snowed inike a mother F—ER and so been stressing weather I’ll get it there before but now I see I won’t! That’s a big let down on both ends of the world! Shit! Well I guess it’s a good thing she’s there and I’m here cause if I was there and it didn’t come I wouldn’t be gettin any nucky and that wouldn’t be good! So cantinas what you don’t have right guys! Thanks to our good o’l USOFA MAIL I would not
    Get mines! Thanks us mail! You really sucks !!! Doug

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