First day of work.

I sneaked this Photobooth photo in shortly before I left tonight at 6. It’s an open floor plan, which isn’t my favorite (I like my walls and doors…)  Windows to the outside are there behind me and I’m sitting just a few feet from the windows on the other side so… that’s the whole floor.

Everyone in my Skype interviews wore button-downs, so I thought it’d be less casual than in the US. Not really. I saw plenty of jeans, t-shirts and flipflops in the office today. Went to Vietnamese lunch with a Hongkongese coworker, Tina. We ate noodle soups bigger than our heads.

They’ve got me working on some print ads for something Economist-related (not the white serif type on red; something else) and some nontraditional for an awards event. I’m optimistic, but tired. Slight headache.

Enjoy your Thursday!


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