My yesterday-clothing-twin builds stock exchanges.

There was a man on the half-hour Express Train yesterday whose fuchsia tie exactly matched my fuchsia top (pictured here.) I kept looking over thinking, wow, that is the exact hue…

Finally I said, “Our tops match!” and he laughed and seemed a little surprised that they did. He was on his way to Singapore for two days, after being in Hong Kong for two days. We talked about advertising for a few minutes then I asked what business he’s in and he said, “stock exchanges”. I asked what he does for them and he said, “I manage them.”

What does that mean?!

I asked, “How many managers are there like you?” He said 16. He gave me this business card which says he’s “Chief Operating Officer” for APX, which is a new stock exchange he’s building. (What doesn’t that mean?!)

I don’t even know what to ask a person like this. So I played it safe and started showing off my best cat impressions.

No I didn’t. I’m not that silly. (But I do remarkable cat and kitten impressions…)

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