“I hate Hong Kong”

That’s what I googled before I came over here. (I try to find out the worst about something so I can keep my expectations nice and realistic.)

The worst of what I read online involved people spitting everywhere and pushing/shoving each other. After a week of basically going all over the city, I’m happy (and surprised) to report that I’ve witnessed neither spitting nor shoving. It’s only been one week, but how many hours must I have spent walking around these pedestrian-heavy streets? I’m guessing at least 20.

Pros: English everywhere (Thanks, Britain!), Big Bus Tour

Cons: A little trouble finding food I feel like eating. Not really knowing anyone.

Surprise #1: The average female here is not a size 0. Who ever said that (online), doesn’t understand what an average is. Sure, I’ve seen size zeroes here. I’ve also seen roomier dimensions.

Surprise #2: I’ve seen no nail salons. Not a one. On a possibly-related note, most of my female coworkers have bare, unpainted toenails. It’s not negative, of course; I’m just used to seeing pedicured piggies.

Warm and humid, the weather could be worse and could be better. I’ve been here exactly 7 days, but it definitely feels like much, much longer. (Not sure if that’s good or bad.)

Here are some random pics I didn’t put into other posts:


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