Dairy section: What Peru Can Keep and What I Wanna Take!


This stuff is genius and delicious! In the US, we throw all kinds of stuff onto the grill: hamburgers, hot dogs, portabellos, corn-on-the-cob and other veggies. Why not cheese on a stick?! Obviously they make it so it doesn’t melt/stick to hot surfaces and if you eat it soon enough…Mmm melty!



We’ve racked our brains trying to figure out a benefit to a bag of milk over a carton of milk. The marginally lighter weight hardly makes up for these awkward, often-punctured-in-transit, milk-instead-of-water balloons. To dispense properly – or at all successfully – one needs to buy one of these patented Milk Bag Holders:


I just don’t get it. How is this better for anyone than the clever cube-shaped-carton or jug that one finds everywhere else in the world? Btw, the milk pictured is a 1-quart bag.

Oh! The mayo and ketchup are also in bags, which isn’t as bad but whose advantage eludes me. Pictured: 14 oz.


How good did that BBQ cheese look?! What’s an example of something you’ve had abroad that you wish we could get in the US? My answer: Schweppes Bitter Lemon.

**BONUS** A reader in Canada sent us this pic of the type of milk bag container that’s been used there for decades. Milk-In-A-Bag – who knew it was so widespread?! Thanks, Andrew!

milk bag

9 thoughts on “Dairy section: What Peru Can Keep and What I Wanna Take!

  1. Haha! I totally agree about the milk. Though I have been to Peru once I’ve never heard about “milk bag holders”. I’ll have it mind for my next adventure to Peru! 🙂

  2. We have milk bags in Canada as well. Like Itamar Reiner above says, they cost less to manufacture and are easier to dispose of. Our milk bag holders are a different shape though.

      • I did a bit of quick research.

        Milk bags in Canada debuted in 1967, really picked up in the mid 1970s and most retailers made the switch by the early 1980s. Each bag holds 1.33 litres and there are three bags in a package. Thus 4 litres (1 US gallon). The bags were meant to replace glass jugs which often broke or weren’t returned. We still have and use milk cartons as well and those are sold in 1 and 2 litres.

        Bags use 75 percent less plastic than jugs. Bags are also better at preserving milk. So the primary reason then and now for bags has always been lower cost.

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