Excitement This Morning

I woke up this morning with the gradual realization that the phone had been ringing for awhile. It was 8:30; I assumed Fiona or her husband had forgotten keys and were locked out – you can ring the phone from outside the property wall. I answered and the man’s voice on the other end was saying something about a “door” and asking me to come outside. That did not sound good.

I knew I would not be opening the gate to anyone. Finally, I looked out the kitchen door and saw the garage door wide open, basically exposing the house to the (gated, guarded) neighborhood. I walked outside and saw two security guys with [known org] badges standing with walkie-talkies just outside the garage on the sidewalk. They wanted to know how long the garage might have been open. We deduced 30 minutes, which did not put them at ease.

They asked if anything was missing from the garage (as if I would know) and suggested walking though the house with me to make sure no one’s inside. (Eek! Decisions.) I asked how they’d discovered the open door in the first place. Apparently, [known org] security checks on their contractors’ homes 8 times in every 24-hour period . (Wow!)

So I walked them through. They didn’t enter any of the bedrooms, but waited for me in the hallway. (I seriously went into closets, pushing clothes and everything. You can’t hide from me!)

Satisfied, they left and I emailed Fiona – we think the last one just absentmindedly left the door open. Seeing how concerned and responsive the security was, makes me wonder: Man, what goes on here… 

Here’s a shot of the top of our wall:



No one left the garage door open. A neighbor said that his garage door would open randomly one time when it had a short in it. That’s the #1 theory on this door.

3 thoughts on “Excitement This Morning

  1. Sounds like my house. Except we are in the English countryside and no one can get in and I never go out! It wouldn’t be your blog without a wee bit of making me worry now would it?

    • Aw, thanks Lottie. But don’t worry about me – I’ll be fi–i-kah! Kah!
      Sorry. Coffee went down the wrong way.
      The impression I get from my friends here, is if you’re careful and vigilant, you’ll be fine. It’s the ones walking around wide-eyed and slackjawed, riding minibuses without a care who may find trouble.

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