Hello Kitty’s Angels (Hey, it’s Sophie!!)

Sophie picked me up right after work for a last hurrah before I leave Thursday. I’d missed her lovely Jersey accent. (The real Jersey, not the fake one.) She seems well into her teaching groove, sharing a flat with 3 other English teachers. She may stay here in Saigon for 6 months instead of a year; I think she’s ready to travel onward.

I got this crazy Hello Kitty shirt for $5 when I was in Tra Vinh with Nhung. It really throws the locals/my coworkers for a loop; as if only a toddler would wear it. Yet, it’s clearly too big for a toddler.

sophie1This won’t be a wordy post; I just wanted to reassure anyone who was worried about not seeing Sophie for so long. To our horror, we realized it’d been almost 2 months since the last time we saw each other. To make up for it, we’ve planned another last hurrah for Wednesday night.


Despite how it looks, we did not sit around and drink water all night. This is us after a shameful amount of food and drink. As I left for the loo (see? Queen’s English…) I asked Sophie to leave me a surprise on my camera. I’m happy to report that she did not disappoint. (Here’s hoping she doesn’t make me delete…)


3 thoughts on “Hello Kitty’s Angels (Hey, it’s Sophie!!)

  1. The 2nd pic. I like that. The one who took that pic must be fascinated by you guys’ beauty :). Finally, the Hello Kitty lady with pink helmet can escape that place. Congrats!

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