2 Long Hostels, 2 Germans, the gekko and how to say “water”

Here’s a side-by-side of the original Long Hostel, where I stayed the first night, and the current Long Hostel where I am now. My private room is $16/night (includes breakfast.) Two people in there would pay $10 each ($20 total).

I met these two German girls walking around the other night. They’re both opticians in Berlin and took 3 weeks off to roam around Vietnam and Cambodia together. This Wednesday they’re going on a 3-day boat trip along the Mekong Delta and I decided to join them! This is Grit (for Margrit) and Yvette:

My German’s a little better than their English, so we’ve been speaking German most of the time. Too much English actually gives Grit a headache; after a half hour or so she’s done.

We were sitting at a restaurant when a woman came up to try to sell us one of her many books. In this area, people are constantly coming up to you trying to sell any number of things: sunglasses, books, trinkets, lighters, etc. The books look brand new, but the insides are basically xeroxed. I know because a few days ago I bought this one that had been recommended in my Lonely Planet guide:

It’s fine for $3, but just don’t judge the insides from the outsides, as it were. The woman is all smiles here, but just a few seconds later wasn’t so chipper when Grit was doing a bad job of getting rid of her. See the video here.

Gekko! While Grit, Yvette and I were waiting for food, we spotted a gekko crawling down a backlit partition near the entrance. Look at the cute little hands! (He’s only about 3 inches long. Not a foot like he looks in this picture. I don’t know how I know he’s a boy, I just do.)

Water. I’ve started saying “water” like a British person (“woa-tuh”), since no one understands “wadr”, like I normally say it. As soon as another American hears me, I’m sure they’ll raise an eyebrow, but at least I’ll be the one with the water.

6 thoughts on “2 Long Hostels, 2 Germans, the gekko and how to say “water”

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    • I got a job contract here in Saigon so my plans all got pushed 1 month. I plan on going to Mekong Delta for 2 days on December 20. You may have come and gone by then, but if not, I’ll definitely give a full report.

  3. hello! don’t mind me looking at old entries…
    i’m a new reader here, and all of a sudden I see that there’s someone with the same name as I do. And I thought my name wasn’t that common! Cuz I was
    told my name is French, but I’m Chinese, and the person with the same name
    as I (up in your post) is German. Hmm, interesting! Just wanted to point that out…

    • Welcome! Glad you found my post. Incidentally, I went to grammar school with a Mexican girl, Ivette Lopez and one other girl named Yvette. But you’re right – in the US at least, it’s a pretty uncommon name. (But definitely pretty. I love French names.)

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