Obamney 2012: Election Results Experiment

I’m quite eager to find out who’ll win the election – I even have $150 at stake! But rather than track election results from the edge of my seat, I’m going to totally tune out and see: How long will it take the news to find me?

I will not turn on the TV or computer until after I find out who won the election. I’m not working right now, so I’ll have no coworkers to spill the beans. And anyone I speak to regularly will be instructed to sh-sh-shush!

How long do you think I can stay in the dark?

6 thoughts on “Obamney 2012: Election Results Experiment

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  2. This is just like the famous marshmallow experiment and you, Dear Susan, will do well in life because like the children in the study you can resist the proverbial marshmallow here. But this is not simply a parallel of delayed gratification; you intuitively recognize the cheap nutritional value of social media. In choosing to refrain on most active night in (at least four) years, you are establishing a baseline from which to gauge its pervasiveness in your life.

    • Thanks for telling me about the Marshmallow Experiment! I especially liked the part about the “preschoolers’ ability to direct attention away from tempting aspects…” In other words, I just need to focus on other things. (Like maybe my Vietnam trip next week?)

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