Into the Darkness: Obamney 2012

Earlier today I posted my plans to not find out the election results from the tv or the internet.

Dick Morris versus Nate Silver  “Here comes the landslide.” Dick Morris predicts that Romney will win 325 electoral votes to Obama’s 213. Conversely, Nate Silver predicts that Obama will win 315 electoral votes to Romney’s 223. Meanwhile, the UK gambling site, ladbrokes, quotes an Obama win as over 3 times as likely.

I moved out of Ohio just in time. On Sunday, one Ohio friend posted all the stuff he found in his mailbox form that day alone, while another Ohio friend posted all the people outside her office waiting for the free Jay-Z/Springsteen concert.

When will it be over? A BBC correspondent said to “expect a long night, and possibly a long week.” According to this npr poll, most people believe it’ll be all over before midnight EST.

My sister’s going to send me a simple text when it’s all over, with no indication as to who won.

Aftermath. It’s been reported that both sides have legal teams ready to go in the event of a defeat. (Great. Can’t wait.) If Obama loses, his side is expected to blame the GOP of “suppressing the minority vote” and possibly voter fraud. If Romney loses, his side is expected blame the mainstream media and Hurricane Sandy.

My quiet during the storm. The best thing about being in the dark will be missing out on all the “outrage” and drama surely to dominate the airwaves afterward. In theory, I could find out who won and simply disengage from all that, but no. I know myself and I just don’t think that’s possible.

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