A Little Rainy / A Lot Lazy

It’s almost 6pm and I’m watching “It Could Happen To You” with Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda. Rob’s got tons of channels and I love CNN here. This week they’ve covered the 10-year anniversary of the terrorist explosion in Bali (which I’d never heard of somehow), Taiwan’s economic boom over the past decade, and a 90-year old Japanese woman who likes to climb Mt. Everest in her spare time.

Besides some quality TV time, since I got here 10 days ago, I’ve been:

• hanging out with Kerry before she leaves Sunday. Here we are at Killiney Kopitiam for a traditional Singaporean breakfast. Here’s a nice NY Times article about the place.

• doing everyday things like grocery shopping and getting lost in labyrinthine shopping malls. Here I was about to cross the street with what seemed to be an entire platoon of office workers standing across from me. (Must have been lunchtime or something.) The next pic is a gal’s shoe/tights/bag combo I thought looked cool & funky.

• visiting agencies. Ok, one agency – I’ve visited one agency since I got here. I took these while I was waiting. (You can even see me in the center of the left pic.)

Yes, I need to step up the pavement-hitting, but I have a slight dilemma: I want this February and March off. And unless someone’s going to freelance-hire me, that’s not going to happen with a shiny, new fulltime job.

When the original HK agency booked my ticket back to the States, I randomly picked February 6th to go back. So I’m planning to go back then, hang out at my sister’s a week or so, then go to Telluride for snowboarding. For March, I want to go to Peru and visit my college roommate. S0 again, not working. (*Scribbles “secure corporate sponsorship” on to-do list.)

So I have (almost) 4 months to kill between now and February 6th. It’d be nice to pick up some work, but I’ve been contemplating an extended Malaysia-Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam trip instead. Dan claims to know expats who live in Cambodia on like, $5 a day. He also claims there are “English Native Speaking Staff Wanted” signs everywhere and that I could easily pick up a little work like that. I’m seriously thinking about going to see if he’s right.

For the past 2 days, the weather’s been perfect for contemplating and prolonged “what-should-I-do”. My camera’s not good enough to pick up the actual raindrops, but it was coming down in these pics. I think the ships way out in the harbor look like they’re levitating:

Here’s a couple pics I took walking around the other night after Rob and I went out to eat:

Update: I just got confirmation from Rob that my interview (above) went really, really well. (He knows all the ad people in Singapore.) Fingers still crossed for Austin/Colorado/Peru this spring!

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