Hanging out with Kerry

Admittedly, I haven’t done a lot since I’ve gotten to Singapore. I’ve had a mild headache since I got here, but despite that, I’ve managed to: execute a successful grocery shopping trip, spend quality time with the cat, and hang out with my Boston friend, Kerry.

After 21 months here in Sing, she’s about to move back to the US with her husband and son.

Here are a couple pics from her apartment and us at a salad/wine place we went to:

We were talking about backpacking –  the hostel-traveling people do around SE Asia (and everywhere really.) If the job-finding thing is sluggish, I’m seriously thinking about a Malaysia-Thailand-Vietnam backpacking trip for a few weeks/months. However, I have become a bit diva-ish in my old age, so may not be up for b.s. like travel blogger, Nomadic Matt, recently posted on his facebook (yuck!):

Then Kerry told me about flashpacking, a step up from typical backpacking. As she explained it, instead of a $12 for a bunk bed next to 6 of your new best friends, you’ll spend a little more for a little-nicer room. I’m just starting to read about it; this article‘s a decent start, with its blog links there at the bottom.

Just had a skype interview with an HK agency that went well. They want me to come back out and work there for a month. I expect to hear from them sometime next week after they sort out my work visa. Meanwhile, I’ll be visiting a few places here in Singapore. If nothing comes of all that, I may be busting out a flashpacking map of SE Asia.

4 thoughts on “Hanging out with Kerry

  1. Are you contacting only Hong Kong agencies that don’t require that you know Cantonese or Mandarin? Are you finding that there are a lot of such companies or have they been difficult to find?

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