11 Days Until Singapore

I’m really ready to get there, reconnect with my friends, Rob and Kerry (they don’t know each other) and maybe stay awhile. Where I’ll be staying the whole time is still up-in-the-air, but I’ve got the first part sorted. (Ian’s word, “sorted”.)

I worked with Rob in SF. He’s spent most of his adult life in Singapore and he just opened a new agency there. I’ll be staying at his place while he stays at his girlfriend’s (but not sure for how long.) Over a week out and he’s already told me how to get to his place, his address, his phone number and the basic plan. (Quite the contrast to arriving in Hong Kong!)

And then there’s my friend, Kerry, who’s about to move back to the US after 21 months in Singapore with her husband and toddler. We worked together in Boston in 2007. I’m currently working on her Singapore interview  as a follow-up to Chip’s.

So where’s Singapore, again?

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