It’s Caturday!

On my way back from F.A.B. brunch with Jessica this morning, I made some new furry friends. So much personality in such a small body! (I named him Rufus after Rufus Wainwright.) He’s just 8 months old.

His sister was watching all the action from her perch above. (I haven’t named her yet. Maybe Tabitha?)

They live at the dried-captured-sea-creatures store behind my hotel. I told the owner I was taking Rufus with me and with a concerned look she said, “He’s not for sale!” Then I said, “No, I’m stealing him” and she laughed.

I’ll be back for you later tonight, Rufolofagous.

In honor of Caturday, here are my favorite cat videos: Henri, ninja cat, Norman, vs. dogs, barking cat.

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