Last Day (video!)

Friday was my last day that couldn’t come soon enough. To commemorate, Chip and I made this video of this weird conversation we have sometimes.

I haven’t complained about the job here for 3 reasons: 1. Anyone can complain about their job; it’s not that interesting. 2. Doing so on one’s blog is pretty risky. 3. All-in-all, it’s been totally worth it. I left Ohio because I felt so bored with myself and wanted a drastic change. I’ve felt a lot of things in HK, but boredom has not been one of them.

This may be the weirdest job I’ve ever had, for about 100 reasons. None of the reasons sound like much by themselves, but all together add up to quite a strange time.

The very first minor-but-weird things involved my interactions with Charles. Each time I asked about the plan in terms of my arrival, Charles just said “Don’t worry”, but gave me no information. This was 5 days before my departure:

At one point, he said he’d meet me at the airport “holding sunflowers”. (Sounds more like an internet date than a new job, right?) As it turned out, no one was at the airport.

And there was this, which turned out to be total fiction:

If I’ll be traveling, great. But what’s the benefit of telling someone they’ll be traveling, but then they don’t. Odd, odd, odd.

And all this was before I even arrived. After I arrived, things didn’t get any better, except for my wonderful work friends! For my last day, we went to lunch at some Japanese place with incredibly small tables. Then after work, we went out for drinks.

l to r: Annette, Eunice, Chloe, Chip, me, Tina, Queenie

l to r: Eunice, Elaine, me, Chip, Annette

Chip and I are going to try to hang out again before I leave, but in case we don’t, here we are one last time!

And Rico! Copywriters unite.

The Plan. I’m going to spend the next week meeting every HK advertising person I possibly can, with the intention of coming back to HK after a month in Singapore. If next week doesn’t go that great, then I’ll be looking at Singapore for much longer than a month.

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