Saturday Junk trip

Remember Matt? He organized this expat junk trip I went on yesterday:

The boat was identical to the boat from our company junk trip just a few weeks ago. There were math teachers, a FedEx pilot, students, photojournalists (including this guy and this guy) and I’m sure a few more. People were from the UK, Ireland, Australia, Israel, Sweden, US, Czech Republic and probably someplace else that I missed.

Yoav told me about Monkey Hill here in Hong Kong. There are about 1,800 feral monkeys who’ll mug you for food and fight you if you make eye contact with them! Chip said if you have food, they’ll wrestle it from you, eat it on the spot, and if they don’t like it, will throw it at you! I’m simultaneously scared and fascinated. I must go there a.s.a.p.

Soon as we boarded the boat, one of the guys grabbed a bottle of beer and opened it with his shoe. Am I the last person to know about Reef shoes with built-in bottle openers?!

We cruised past Ocean Park, “The World’s Seventh Most Popular Amusement Park.”

It was a nice day of hanging out with new acquaintances, talking, body-painting, and at one point, singing “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”. Here are some photo highlights (I got to wakeboard!). The entirety of my photos can be found here.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Junk trip

  1. Are all boats in Hong Kong called Junks? I thought this was going to be an actual junk, like the picture at the top of the page. Also, I cast my vote for Monkey Hill. And mounting a bottle opener on the filthy bottom of someone’s shoe is just a horrible idea.

  2. Both trips were called “junk trips”, yet Wikipedia thinks a “junk” should have “fully battened sails” which our boats did not. Seems it’s the boat rental companies who insist on calling their boats “junks” regardless of how they look:

    Monkey Hill is happening. Jessica already volunteered to go with me.

    It’s a damn flip-flop! Just wade into the ocean and the saltwater kills all the bacteria…

    • Interesting. I just thought a junk was the old-style Chinese boat with the big sail. Can’t wait for Monkey Hill. There are 1,000,000 bacteria per millimeter of seawater, and 421 thousand per sole of the average shoe, including ones that cause pneumonia and urinary tract infections. I think I’ll keep my bottle-openers in a nice, clean drawer.

      • Your mysophobia will surely lead to a weaker immune system which will cause you to die sooner. But don’t worry, I’ll bring you nice, sterile beers when I visit you in your hospice facility.

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