Tina Wednesdays (with Chip!)

Tina’s our finance gal who wants to understand more of what people are saying in our meetings. Apparently, it’s Bennett she understands the best, and the Australians she understands the least. For me, it’s the opposite. I have to focus 100% to decipher what Bennett is saying. It doesn’t help that he seems to do most of his talking while packing food into his mouth.

Looks like Wednesdays may be our day to just go out and talk after work. Efren seems to know all about every bar in the area, so he took us to a place with $4 cocktail Wednesdays and hung out for just a few minutes. (Places to be / people to see.) And guess who joined us later on? CHIP!

They learned: obnoxious, nerd/nerdy, and the straw that broke the camel’s back. I learned how to say “today is Wednesday” or “my best friends are chickens”. They both sound the same. Just kidding.

3 thoughts on “Tina Wednesdays (with Chip!)

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