Amazon vs Sasa (shampoo in Hong Kong) **Kerastase update**

Unless you can pull your hair back into a ponytail, you may not understand why anyone would spend more than single-digit dollars on any hair product. But when hair reaches a foot long or more, some of those suckers are older than toddlers. You can get by with cheap shampoo/conditioner a few times maybe, but soon, your increasingly dry, splitting hair will pay.

That’s the situation I found myself in this week. I’d just used up the 3oz nexus shampoo/conditioner I’d brought with me, gotten my hair washed once at a local salon, and used the hotel shampoo once. My hair is already looking and feeling dry and brittle.

They’ve got all the grocery store brands here, including Pantene. But aside from Aveda, I haven’t seen any salon brands I’m familiar with (like Nexus, Redkin, Boce, Kerastase, Paul Mitchell, Joico, Bumble.)

Sasa’s like a less-high-end Sephora and they do have Rene Furterer. Out of sheer concern for my disintegrating hair, I spend $55 ($430HK) on shamp/cond, then looked it up on amazon.

Twice as much. Buying it here cost twice as much as it would have on amazon. Sad face. I miss!


Found a Kerastase Salon in Soho (Central)! Michell Rene. UG/F 15 Cochrane Street, Central. tel. 2544 2136 Also got a great haircut from Davey and it was only $188HK! ($24 US.) Great products, great service. So pleased!

3 thoughts on “Amazon vs Sasa (shampoo in Hong Kong) **Kerastase update**

  1. This made me curious as to whether one can make her own shampoo. I googled it and there is a good instructables article. I can send you the link if you want to experiment with DIY shampoo.

  2. The products that work best for my hair seem to have 1,000 chemicals in them, so I’m skeptical that I could even hope to come close to those results by mixing my own like a hippie. Plus, your hair is like, 2 inches long, so you don’t understand!!!

  3. B/F 20 Stanley street central hk (Noble Hair) also have the full range Kerastase shampoo Tel:27882855,I get the great hair cut & color form there

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