Weekend meal-outings and Ian. (video!)

Last night Ian and I went to an enormous mall called IFC not too far from our hotel and ate at a Thai place there called Greyhound. Spent about $38 each. I forgot to take pics of the food except for one dish. (I’ll try and do better.)


After Ian spent 15 minutes looking at ladies’ designer shoes through a store window, we went up to the open rooftop and hung out for a bit.


This morning we went to place in Soho called Scirocco and had breakfast I also forgot to photograph. I was too busy making this movie of Ian being bad company! And this isn’t unusual, he’s constantly checking emails or thinking of things to look up. When he’s looking at his phone, he’s out for the count. Can’t hear, notice or think about anything else.


If I stay in HK after mid-October, I think I want to stay in this area, Soho. Rent’s are about $3k a month, so I’m going to need about ten of you to send me $300 a month. Consider it your timeshare in Hong Kong! You’ll be the envy of your friends. And you don’t even need a reservation to come stay at YOUR place. I’ll even take you to breakfast at Scirocco! My treat. Just stay off your smartphone or I’ll film you.

6 thoughts on “Weekend meal-outings and Ian. (video!)

  1. Does “$” mean Hong Kong dollars, on that menu? Or whatever HK currency is? I know you mentioned the currency and exchange rate before, but I didn’t look back thru to find it.

    • Yeah, HK dollars. Almost 8 of them per US dollar. So my HK $100 bills are like US $12-dollar bills. (And I always got plenty of hundreds…)

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