Weekend odds & ends.

Every weekday morning as soon as I step out of my hotel, I’m have to walk by this quite-stinky fish-based store. Everything in there is a dried out part of an ocean-dweller and hoo-boy, does it stink.

And here we have two buildings on my walk to work: Blissful Building and Wrong Design. Not sure if “Blissful” is just kidding itself or if there is, in fact, blissful things going on in there. As for Wrong Design, I think it’s clear what’s going on.

Here’s an ad for the WSJ on the side of a tram. We don’t see huge ads for the 參考消息 newspaper in the US, (which is way bigger than the WSJ) but here’s Wall Street:

I’m going to quit posting my lunches; they’re all so similar. The winner here was the middle one – they’re fried chicken dumplings.

Did I tell you how slowly people walk here? On the sidewalk, I’m passing everyone. I mean, no one passes me ever. Except this guy: random white guy with a strange, knock-off looking backpack and this inexplicable outfit: gray t-shirt and matching gray t-shirt-material shorts and loafers. Where was he hauling ass to or from?!

Sorry the pic is blurry. He was movin’.

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