My photo studio at the Marriott.

Sunday when I met Brenda-instead-of-Charles for breakfast-sans-food and she told me they were giving me 3 more days off, it didn’t feel like good news. I wanted to get to work, start getting to know coworkers; who knows, maybe they even go out after work (?).

At one point she asked, “Don’t you know anyone in Hong Kong?” Yeah, lady, I have friends in every seaport in the world. NO! I don’t know anyone in Hong Ko– … Actually, I know one person.

Facebook told me that an acquaintence from high school would be here for two weeks on a musical tour. Actually, it was his facebook statuses that inspired me to do this blog instead of update on fb. It’s probably mostly jealousy (and Shadenfreude at my own jealousy) that keep me reading his posts. They all seem to have this pattern: “Can’t believe I’m [arriving/departing] [faraway location]! I’m [going to miss/looking forward to] [obscure food/drink/activity].”

I hadn’t planned on meeting up with him, but I wasn’t doing so well. I messaged him and he told me to come on out to the show, so I took the Express Train to the Expo center, watched his show from backstage and talked to some of the other performers. Then just before 11pm we had to make a mad dash for his hotel room (Marriott is attached to the Expo Center) so he could make a 1-hour skype appointment with his astrologer in Dallas. I not kidding.

If you ever want to really catch up with someone, listen to a one-hour conversation between them and an advisor/therapist/life coach/astrologer. More efficient personal information gathering does not exist. To occupy myself while listening, I took these pics there in his room:


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