Big Bus Tour Day 2 (Monday): Victoria Peak (video!)

Got back from Lamma Island just in time to catch the 6:15pm Big Bus route to Victoria Peak. The steep tram up usually costs $25, but a free ticket is included in the Big Bus Tour! Nighttime is the best viewing time due to all the lights, but tonight was rather misty/hazy, so I just took pics of all the tourists taking pics…


…which isn’t a novel idea or anything. Martin Parr makes tourists his subjects in his book, Small World. My favorite photo of his is this one:


But back to The Peak… Monday night was no good for photos, so I stole this off a friend’s fb page:


I wasn’t sure if my tram ticket covered the way back down, so I just took a taxi for about $10 (including tip.) And boy, was I glad I did. Cuz I got to meet this guy. At one point he asked me how old I was. I said “55” and he said, “Oh! I’m 56! Just 1 year older!”

Haha, love this guy.

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