Lunch with Lawrence on Lamma Island

The guy I bought the Big Bus Tour asked me meet him for lunch, Monday at 1 at pier #4. I said ok and he said, “You’re American, right? So on time?” I had no idea what that meant, but of course I’ll be on time. I showed up at 1pm exactly (I was coming from farther away than I thought) and he wasn’t there! 1:02… 1:03. And it’s hot outside, so every minute is a sweaty one. Finally at 1:05, I head to Big Bus to leave a “hey, I was here” message for him with one of his coworkers. On my way there, I ran into him hurrying to pier #4. It was 1:06.

I found out later, that “American time” means on-the-dot. I guess I proved that, huh. What popped into my head is that Americans were probably flaky or not on time.

And I got to eat! We took a $3 ferry to Lamma Island:


And food! Someone invited me to eat and ordered food!


I’d love to be like “and it was only $4.” But no. It was more like $60. (There were a few more things, but my eating made me forget to take a pic.)

Lawrence is from the Philippines and moved here in 2008 with his wife and 3 kids. From what he was saying, it sounds like she wasn’t honest with him and all this stuff happened and blah, blah they’re getting divorced as soon as they sell their house in the Philippines. I feel bad for him; it really seems like a messed up situation.

I took this pic from where I was sitting at our table. The whole time we were eating, this woman was busy putting critters into a bucket, undoubtedly for people like me to eat later on. I named the woman Li-Li.


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