Plane. Train. Taxi.

For a short while the seat-screens stopped working. Thank goodness there was a duck-looking penguin sitting there to assure everyone. (There, Barco. There’s your penguin I snapped for you.)


We got these menus before we took off:


Catch this part at the bottom? About beer and wine being complimentary? It was box wine. Jerri Tudor, that’s directed at you.


The clouds were doing something just as we were about to land. Reminded me of the famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil. (I had to look up the name, but you know the one…)

After that, it was this:

…all the way to the hotel.

One thought on “Plane. Train. Taxi.

  1. Holy cow you aren’t kidding that cloud looks totally like that famous statue, I think in Brazil. Could be wrong. Surreal!!!!

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