Cleared to drive until 2018.

My Ohio license expires in October and who knows where I’ll be then. Don’t want to fly back in to the US this Thanksgiving (or whenever) needing a rental car on an expired drivers license. So I did my hour at the TX dmv this morning with a bunch of items to verify my identity and my “new address.” My reward: this nifty temp license on its own piece of paper. The plastic one gets to my Austin address in 2 weeks – very likely the day I fly to HK from LGA.

Yes, the photo’s awesome. The guy offered to take another one, but I was like “Nah, I’m good.” I figure if I look like an inmate in my DL photo, people will assume I’m hard and won’t want to mess with me.

Guess this makes me a TX resident again. I already feel more… closed minded. (See, that was a closed-minded thing to say about Texans. It’s already happening…)

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