Road trip day 5: Milesburg, PA to NYC!

Tara is kicking off~

Milesburg roads are confusing, the gps lady took us in circles thru a residential neighborhood.  When we realized she was a crazy loco bee, we called the hotel and the kind lady behind the desk stayed on the phone with us till we found her. She didn’t seem too surprised at our confusion.

Pennsylvania smells good. I dunno what they perfume the air with but I want some please.

Sleep was good, driving was rainy, we made it to the city in perfect time with 0 mishaps. OH, and get gas in Wayne, NJ! cuz that stuff is cheap. $3.21. I would never have guessed that gerrrl. I’m typing with the voice that Shoeshine makes which sounds mildly like a southern white gerrrl trying to imitate a black gerrl. I guess. It’s probably not a very accurate description, but its the best I can do at this juncture.

Unloading was so so much easier because her lovely house mate Phil assisted.  In fact, I am certain we would have had to dump that sofa into the east river if he hadn’t been there. Wedging it into the elevator proved his value. My back only suffered a minor strain and only needed sleep to recover.

Moving sucks. Helping a friend move across country is a blast. Here comes Susan, Tara


I guess you heard from Tara, harm didn’t befall us. We just had NO TIME to post yesterday. None. We cleverly left Milesburg at the wee hour of 9am, giving us 6 hours to make the 4 hour drive to my new apartment. (We had a set, scheduled move-in time with my apartment complex from 3-5p.) We pulled in at 2:48. Oh yeah, we did. From then, it was constant motion and immense help from my new roommate, Phil, to get all my stuff inside by 5pm.

At 4:48 I broke the news to Tara: no time for showering if we were going to turn the truck in and meet my friends for dinner at 7. It was still daylight out so we walked the 3 miles from the Penske on 34th/10th to my favorite restaurant, Wild Ginger at Broome/Mulberry. Walked in at 7:03, all gross and smelly.

Got back to my place around 10 with BOXES EVERYWHERE, nothing assembled, my mattresses still in plastic.Three house later, we’d made some major headway and I asked, “Are you sure you want to go to the Today Show in 5 hours?” Yeah, that’s wasn’t happening.

That’s the story of why we didn’t post yesterday, regardless of how badly we wanted to.

And this post is dedicated to Phil, without whom we COULD NOT have unloaded our truck. Especially my monster of a couch. And my bed. And bookcase. And TV. And metal table made from an old Chevy truck

Enjoy our Day 5 pics! -Susan






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