Road Trip day 4: Madison to Milesburg, PA

We heard a rendition of Livin’ On A Prayer with meows instead of vocals and Tara pointed out that Jon Bon Jovi has a huge cat farm. I had no idea. (The rendition we heard was being sung by us, but still. An actual cat farm!)

Speaking of music, we ran into these guys headed to Minneapolis in their black Mercedes tour van. Motion City Soundtrack:

Motion City Soundtrack


In more music news, we learned that Fleetwood Mac replaces Elton John as a preferred artist on radio stations southeast of Wisconsin. (Van Halen still reigns the FM frequency.) Also, “You can grow your own hay” makes for good Fleetwood Mac substitute lyrics AND ties in nicely with yesterday’s lengthy hay discussion. Ask Tara to sing our version to you.

It was a rainy, construction-y drive and something happened with a batch of the photos so here’s all you get:


Ok, I’ll call Tara over and we’ll take a goodnight pic for you.

Ok, she said “no” and won’t come over so I angled the laptop toward her. (See? If she were less lazy, you’d get a super-cute pic of the both of us. But no.)

Photo on 9-15-14 at 8.38 PM #3

Ok, here’s Tara. (Let me carry the laptop over to her. After all, she’s had a rough day of sitting.)


rockford to milesburg-today was a blah kinda day.  Beside accidentally deleting ALL my photos from this trip…I got pulled over. Yup it was bound to happen over the course of the 2800 miles.  Considering the distance we’ve driven, not too bad.  However I am not 100% sure we did the right thing by being so agreeable.  How do I sum this up in the least amount of words?  UGH

The Indiana State Patrolman told me he pulled me over for…can u guess?….Wait for it…not using an indicator to change lanes.  Stupid, stupid, STUPID !!! HOW (many people have experienced this?) I believe him, but then he asked us to get out of the car.  WHY! is what I should have said but i just got out-heart pounding, body shaking, ears steaming.  Granted we’re driving a truck that screams drug and human trafficking, but when you run our licenses and find that I have a minor fender bender in California and Susan has NOTHING because she hasn’t owned a vehicle in years, why would you persist in a search complete with DRUG DOG(I am yelling in my mind)? Obviously we made it out alive and with a silver lining…got off with warning for the indicator crap.  “Thank You” I replied dryly to Sargent DB then went on our merry way with a few more gray hairs and a warning.

I had a Walter White moment while I waited for the wonderful search to end…’what would he do?, easiest way out…’ Anyway this was day I would like to move away from. I have great expectations for tomorrow. Also I would like to ask Karver to forgive me for being so crappy to you for deleting all of the photos, I understand what happened then and realize it was an accident. Love you buddy.  

Next stop…N Y C



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