ROAD TRIP day 1: Seattle to Missoula

So I decided to drive myself and my things from Seattle to New York. And what better travel companion than Tara! (The same Tara of the so-very-memorable 24-hour nonstop drive to Miami. Age 19.) Behold:

road trip1


And today:




We thought it’d be a fun challenge to each write something about each of the 5 days of our trip BUT WE WON’T READ WHAT THE OTHER WROTE until Tara leaves New York next Thursday. (Today is Friday.) Here’s what Tara wrote (I’m not looking! I’m not looking!):

Tara’s Take:

Susan said to make this like a letter to my family…

Dear family, Miss you the most.

The best thing about Seattle, leaving.  It was a fast pace packing the moving van, and leaving was the reward.  This was my first driving a 12 foot truck, 1st move across the u.s. 1st time in Idaho and Montana, 1st blog. Idaho and Montana are nice, but I feel like Ive seen it all before driving thru (fill in any mountain region here) and WHAT is with all the smokers.  I would like to stress how UCKy that habit is and how brain dead the people are that do it, so don’t smoke kids!

Ah! another 1st-helping Shoeshine move.  I’m trying to think of more…but I’m sleepy so I will think of more later.  Love, Mom


As for me (Su-sannn) it’s already late here in Missoula, MT so I’ll post today’s pics and get into how appalled I am by the sheer quantity of my belongings on another day.

One of the many times I cracked Tara up. One of the times, I said this in a slow, hillbilly accent, allowing 2 syllables for each one: The road to hell is paved with…assholes. 


THIS guy was insane. He claimed to have driven to NYC as a trucker dozens of times and INSISTED we take 84 through Salt Lake City. He also insisted that the trip was 3,800 miles instead of 2,800. We made him take our picture, agreed to head to Salt Lake City and continued on to Missoula. I didn’t catch his name, but I bet it was Albert.


We were instructed to eat at the Dinosaur Cafe in Missoula. When we got there, though, neither of us was in the mood for the fried-whatever and beer so Tara went to the ladies’ and I took this pic. The black-and-white portraits along the top are all along the bar and a little bizarre.



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