The Horrors inside Mercado Central

At Central Market here in Lima, here is what normal mannequins look like. On the ground floor are dozens of stalls selling fresh produce, nick-knacks and recently-slaughtered anything. Then on the second floor, various boring-clothing stores nonchalantly pretend that these are not movie props from the mind of David Lynch. Surprisingly, I was the only person darting around, taking pictures, creating a scene. Someday I’ll live in a large studio apartment filled with these things. I’ll never be burglarized.

Which mannequin do you think is the creepiest?

M9 M8 M7 M6 M5 M4,jpg M3 M2 M1

7 thoughts on “The Horrors inside Mercado Central

  1. All of them. They are ALL the creepiest. Thing. Ever. And I like the macabre. But the fourth one has a little zombie plague on her cheek, so she gets my vote.

    • How lucky! That’s the one I bought for you. I shipped it to my storage place in the US. Soon as I get your mailing address, it’s on its way!

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