Geography Quiz

**UPDATE** A reader just sent me this awesome geography quiz here. No registration needed. Just click to start!

A reader who hosts a Geeks Who Drink weekly pub quiz sent me a round on SE Asia Geography. Can you name the 8 countries without looking? Also, if you know what Jennifer Lawrence has to do with geography, let me know. Google turned up nothing.


Pariwana Hostel had an “interesting” globe permanently fixed to a table in the internet room. It is in Spanish, but that’s not the weird part. My favorite mistake here is “Buttehworth” in Malaysia where KL should be. Not only is there no such place as “Buttehworth”, whoever made this map had to be referring to Mrs. Butterworth, the American pancake syrup! (How weird is that?) How many mistakes can you find here?


If you’re from Canada, Mexico or the States, you’ll get a kick out of this version of America Del Norte:



•  What’s the first strange thing you noticed on this globe?

•  What’s the funniest labeling error you see here?

5 thoughts on “Geography Quiz

  1. Didn’t know there’s a city south of Houston named Texas…and I’m fairly certain all the cities in California are a rough estimate of the actual location. As are Portland, Spokane and Olympia.

    • It is a MESS! In reality, Cheyenne is just north of Denver, not way east. And don’t you love how Tennessee and Mississippi are printed all huge like they’re these vast areas?!

  2. The choice of Canadian cities is quite strange. Happy Valley Goose Bay population 8000 is shown, but not Vancouver or Toronto. Weird. Also the only province labeled is Manitoba but it is placed over Northern Ontario.

    Funnily enough, I’m in Butterworth, Malaysia right now, so it does exist 😛

  3. I was just tagging along on a business trip with my Dad. It is an interesting place, a real blend of cultures in Penang. The traffic here reminded me of a tamer version of what you described in Saigon.

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