These Baby Seals Will Bite Your Face Off

CO to CA. I landed at the Burbank airport where I was promptly whisked away by my Ohio friend/coworker/roommate Leann to her suburban, Pasadena abode. (Leann’s actually from Minnesota and disliked OH more than I did, but that’s neither here nor there. I just didn’t want you to get the wrong impression.)

San What? Leann volunteers at a baby seal rehab place every weekend in San Pedro, which is curiously pronounced “San Pee-dro” as opposed to “San Pay-dro”. Any theories?!

I helped! I tagged along with Leann to cut the heads and tails off hundreds of herring-fish with regular ol’ scissors to make gallons of blended “gruel” for the baby seals.Throughout the day, rescuers and various wildlife types brought in sick, undernourished and emaciated baby seals to be cared for and eventually re-released back into their amphibious communities.

No touching! They may be weak from illness and cuter than baby humans, but these pups are mean as demons and will tear into anything that moves! Handlers not only wear thick rubber pants and nearly impenetrable gloves but each carry a large wooden board to block these knee-high flesh-biters.

Babies On Board. The adult version of this variety of seal weighs between 400-600 pounds, so all these pictured are babies, just a few weeks or months old. Don’t you want to cuddle with them and hold them in your arms?

Click on any pic to enlarge and to view in slideshow.

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