The incredible Mr. Man-Dog of Telluride

You thought I’ve been snowboarding for a month, didn’t you?!

Actually, it was only a week. (Technically four full days with rest-days in between.) Telluride’s probably the best mountain I’ve ever skied/ridden. If I can swing it financially, I’d love to come back next February for the entire month. (Big “if”.) If anyone finds any money lying around, it’s mine! I lost it.

Check out this huge place:

t-ride map

All week I imagined what it’d be like to pick up and move there. (Er, more like simply not-leave, since I’m already picked-up.) I could be a ski instructor by winter and do… something outdoorsy in the summer. Maybe when I’m finally done with advertising.

One afternoon, I’d just started reading Lies My Teacher Told Me at their really-nice library, when this handsome fellow caught my eye:


(Am I imagining things, or does he have a human face?!) As I conducted an impromptu photoshoot with my new friend here, I started talking to his owner, a nice older woman who’d recently witnessed some wildlife drama right in her backyard. (I say it was a mountain lion.) She gave me her email address so I could email her pics of her Mr. Dog-Man here. Later that evening, someone saw her name in my moleskine and said, “You know who that is… Keith Carradine’s ex wife.”

Who? I don’t know who people are. A quick glance at imdb later on revealed that it’s Frank Lundy from Dexter (which is only my favorite show ever):

DEXTER (Season 2)

Keith here definitely has good taste in ex-wives regarding canine selection. I wouldn’t mind a cat with a human face! Speaking of cats, next stop: Pasadena to see RUPERT-cat. But first, the four best pics I have from Telluride:


Oh yeah, and a pano I pieced together just for you:


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