Back in the US!

I’ve been doing very little blog-worthy since I got back. About 3 times a day, I get smacked with a feeling that it’s 4am and I basically pass out wherever I am: sitting, standing, driving, giving a speech, petting a dog. I keep painting and repainting my nails, never satisfied with what I’ve done. I’ve also visited my sister, various friends, the dentist and a hair salon. Incredibly, this haircut took over 4 hours.


Here’s Angela and me, about to leave her place in Waco here in a few minutes and go to Marshall’s for my first time in over 7 months. (I love Marshall’s and TJ Maxx.) This shirt is huge on me because it’s dang cold in TX and this is what my mom lent me.


I’ve just about bit off more than I can chew, attempting to write a post for this “week in the life” series. Various travelers and location-independent people write about what they’ve done over the course of a week. I wrote about January 31-February 6: leaving Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur for 2 days, Hong Kong for 3 days and arriving in Austin after 26 hours of travel (3 separate flights. Yay!) I’ll share a photo-heavy, word-light version here in the next few days; the actual version is the other way around and won’t be published for another month or two.

Here’s me laying over in Minneapolis, quite tired, but unable to sleep.


Some other pics from the past few days:

Madelynjerri1 jerri2 ev angela

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