My favorite city in Japan: Hong Kong

“So where are you skyping me from this time?”

“In Hong Kong for another week.”

“Very cool! We had a Japanese exchange student awhile back and I’ve always wanted to visit!”

I was a fly on the wall of Dan’s hotel room, finding things to take pictures of while he skyped with his astrologer for their standing appointment. I’d only just gotten to Hong Kong the week before, but already had several mix-ups with Hong Kong being part of Japan. Like this one:

“You’re going to Hong Kong? Hope you speak Japanese.”

“Why Japanese?”

“So you can communicate with people, silly.”

Should I also brush up on French before I visit Peru? Will basic Russian help me out in Italy?

The country Hong Kong mistakenly belongs to always seems to be Japan. Never Korea, the Philippines or even China (which one could make a case for, but is its own can of worms. They don’t act like the same country. Well… China does. Never mind!)

Full disclosure. Not so long ago, if someone had asked me where Hong Kong is, I would have exclaimed, “I don’t friggin know!” Then slinked away, consulted a world map, and forgotten my new knowledge three seconds later, similar to a goldfish. But there’s a difference between simply not knowing where HK is, and thinking it’s part of Japan.

Please note: I’m not making fun of plain old ignorance – that’s understandable and I’ve certainly enjoyed my own share. (“Enjoyed” because ignorance is so blissful.) I’m simply trying to uncover the Hong Kong / Japan link! Where does this misconception come from?

After numerous incidents and ample time spent thinking about it, I’m pleased to present my official theory!

What do you think? Have you ever thought – or known anyone to think – that Hong Kong was located in Japan?



3 thoughts on “My favorite city in Japan: Hong Kong

  1. My theory on the REAL reason Americans associate Hong Kong with Japan:

    Hong Kong makes Kung Fu movies. In their minds, Kung Fu = Karate. Karate = Japanese, per Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid. So all those movies are Japanese and it’s all the same thing.

  2. While we in Hong Kong laughed about this misunderstanding, I guess most Hong Kongers wouldn’t know what to say if you skyped them from Almaty and they may think you are in Ukraine…

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