Vietnam Day!

Today marks ohiasia’s First Annual Vietnam Day. To celebrate, I’m going to Vietnam! Here’s an awesome video, Traffic in Frenetic HCMC.

In the blog world, few agree about Vietnam. There appears to be two camps: really love and really dislike. Take my Vietnam crash-course in just a few clicks by simply reading each of these: Toby & Emma’s, couple travel, informative, scams, and finally, a travel blogger I follow, who really did not like Vietnam one bit: Nomadic Matt. (Also read a popular rebuttal article here. And don’t forget the comments! They’re as all-over-the-place as the posts themselves.)

One thing people agree on however, is the likelihood of getting robbed, scammed and/or badgered by the touts who make their living off tourists. I’ve also heard secondhand about thieves who ride around on scooters and snatch your phone, wallet, etc then speed off.

Fun New Experiment I have a purse I bought in Columbus for $8 from an antique store. It still looks nice, but is starting to fall apart. I also have some sandals which have served me well – I wore them constantly in Hong Kong – but whose day has passed. I wanted to donate the purse and sandals somewhere, but never got around to it. So I put the sandals in the bag and am going to see what happens if I walk around with it in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). If what I hear is true, I’ll be soon relieved of it.

Why I just dropped $117 SGD ($95 US) on mail. I’ve just got too much stuff with me. For traveling to Vietnam, I’ve read to bring as few clothes as possible, and just buy there as needed. So I could either a.) lug my extra stuff around with me (no!) b.) abandon/donate it (also no!) c.) leave it in Singapore and pick it up in the future d.) mail it! So I decided to mail my rollaboard suitcase to a friend in Hong Kong (left) and mail a few items to my sister in Austin.

So here I am! On my way to Saigon.

Alright, boys! You’re on your own now. I don’t suppose there are too many people who’d let me stay with them for 5 full weeks! Pretty cool. Thanks, Rob & Neko! Will miss you two.

(Someone did a good job of putting Rob’s head over Jay-Z’s here. I really thought it was Rob and Neko! I asked him, “Where were you two?”)

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