Meet Ryan

Sometimes after a long day of “thinking”, I venture downstairs and walk by The Bank, a pub directly below Rob’s place. There’ll often be someone sitting by himself having a drink after work, and I’ll just talk to ’em. (Maybe sounds a bit escort-ish, it’s not!)

“The Bank”

That’s where I met Ryan, a married American who’s been living in London for 4 years, here in Singapore for a two weeks on bidness (something about software and finance.) As it turns out, he’s been to Thailand, Laos and a few other places I’ve been thinking about visiting. He sent me an awesome follow-up email I’m sure I’ll refer to as my S.E. Asia travel plan materializes. This, is why it pays to talk to strangers, kids:

The next day we went and walked around Chinatown/Little India for a little bit.

Feeling like I need to get out more, I just stumbled onto this post about a guy’s trip to Singapore’s Ubin Island yesterday. Stay tuned, cuz I’m doing it tomorrow!

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