Dan the cameraman

The should-be-15-minute walk back to the hotel from Life Cafe took about a year, because someone kept stopping to take pictures. And without telling me! I’d just be walking along and suddenly realize I was alone. There he’d be; 10, 50, 100 feet behind me. After a dozen times or so, I started taking pictures of him taking pictures to pass the time.

He was especially interested in the captured sea creatures being dried in front of the dried-captured-sea-creatures store, whose smell could surely snap a person from his (or her) coma. It got me thinking though, maybe I should share some pics of the drying sea creatures and their stores…

These stores are all over Hong Kong and they basically look and smell the same. The various parts are dried out in trays near the street and sold in the store. Turtle shells are the only things I recognize; the rest are unidentifiable.

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