Dim Sum: Lunch with Jerks

We went to this place for some dim sum lunch. It was Leon’s going-away, and if you don’t know who Leon is, he’s the silent, stoic intern who sat across from me for a month. To this day I’ve never heard him talk. I always thought of dim sum as being real Chinese food, as opposed to Panda Express or PF Chang (both of which I’m happy to eat!)

Soon as I busted my camera out, my esteemed colleagues busted out their peace signs. What is the deal with my Hong Kong friends and their damn peace signs in photos?! Usually I don’t say anything – I just try to catch them with their fingers put away. This time I was like, “Guys, not again with the peace signs!” So guess what increased by about 1,000%. Jerks.

top pic l to r: Chloe, Bennett, Elaine, me, Chip, Rico, Efren, Annette, Eunice, Leon.

4 thoughts on “Dim Sum: Lunch with Jerks

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