Little Rant

I don’t mind if friends don’t read my blog; really I don’t. I like having a way to answer complex questions over chat (like “Why are you going to Singapore?) with a link, rather than typing out the whole story again. Comes in handy.

One of the main reasons I started this blog and all but abandoned my facebook page, is that I didn’t want to be all “look at me!” in peoples’ feeds anymore. Someone actively visiting my blog is unlikely to be all, “Geez, shuttup already!” This new feeling of not-bothering-anyone has allowed me to update this blog far more that I would ever update facebook.

So Thursday, when a friend popped up on IM with “How’s your new life?” I assumed he knew what “new life” he was asking about. But I quickly realized that, despite catching up with him just two months ago (when I featured him on this blog!) he somehow had no idea where I am or what I’m doing. Which is fine in theory, but why not just ask, “Hey, what are you up to / Where are you?”

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