Kat’s birthday!

Went out for Kat’s birthday to a “Hot Pot” place in Causeway Bay. Basically lots of raw vegetables and meat you cook in the boiling cauldron there on the table. Kind of a free-for-all of grabbing, plopping, boiling, retrieving and noshing; a blurry tornado of meat, vegetables, elbows and laughter. Annette calls it “eating a cow”.

(l to r: Queenie, Elaine, Eunice, Rico, Kat, Chip!, Annette and me.)

On my walk home, I got a real treat when I got to meet this dog! (Look at the beauty…) I secretly named her Maxine. Her owner, “Mama Choi”, gave me her email address and said to email her if I’m looking for an apartment. (Meaning, email Mama Choi, not Maxine.)

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