Why I love non-native English speakers

I almost said, “why I love foreigners” but uh… I’m the foreigner.

I’m building quite the list of language exchange partners. I’m meeting “Jeffrey” Sunday and we’ve exchanged a few short emails. My profile says I’m a copywriter and he asked, “So u are copywriter, is it you are those who come up with slogan in ad?”

I answered, “Yes, I’m in charge of writing all kinds of advertising (across all media.) It’s funny, even when I’m speaking to other Americans and I say I’m a “copywriter” they hear the word “copyright-er” like this: ©. Which, of course, I know nothing about.”

Then he said, “ha ha , maybe copyrighter means those people who like to patent every little tiny things and sit back in the dark and then come out like peekaboo and sue everyone else. I heard it is kind of common in US.”


One thought on “Why I love non-native English speakers

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