Most boring post ever

In the near future, I hope to replace this post with a legitimate one. But here’s what you get for now:

Stayed in all day Saturday being a lazy bum, listening to a English/Cantonese podcast, watching Rum Diaries and sleeping a lot. And I had enough food onhand, so I didn’t even need to leave my hotel room. So I didn’t. Today I met with a HK gal named Jessica for a language exchange. Then we went and ate at F.A.B. with Ian. I’ve got a pic, but my camera’s way over there and I don’t want to get up. Bought some concealer. (Betcha can’t guess what brand. (Hint: not Mac.)

Here are some pics from last week at Greyhound that Ian just emailed me:


3 thoughts on “Most boring post ever

  1. I was looking at a topo map of HK and it made me curious what the highest point is. Some internet snooping revealed that Tai Mo Shan is the highest point in HK. It is an extinct volcano, but you can feel warm air venting out of it from the earth’s mantle. Apparently it’s easy to get to, because a road goes most of the way up it. Your mission: summit Tai Mo Shan.

  2. Chip just informed me that this place is near where she lives!! We just made plans to go this Saturday if the weather’s nice like it is today. Thanks for the assignment! Hopefully I’ll be posting a full report this weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

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