Friday French Lunch

Went to La Crêperie for lunch today for breton galettes (thin buckwheat pancakes with various toppings). It’s right around the corner from work: G/F, 69 Jervois St., Sheung Wan.

Look, Rico came with us! (And he let me photograph his lunch.) I learned the phrase, “sek TSI la-lay” which is not at all polite, so don’t do ’round saying it. It is apparently hilarious, though. Um… speaking of Rico, doesn’t he look cozy with Kat?? Hm…


(me, Elaine, Eunice, Chip, Tena, Kat and Rico.)


3 thoughts on “Friday French Lunch

    • I hear all sorts of English-speaking accents as I’m walking around but I can’t tell exactly where they’re from. A lot of the British accents are from people like my boss, Charles: British accent, but has always lived here in HK. Also Simon is a white guy, has a distinct British accent but is from Goa, India. The other day this totally American (or Canadian) black guy approached me and kinda laughed, “Aw sorry, I thought you were someone else.”

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