Chicken chest! (And other things that actually make sense.)

My coworkers have an app that sends certain local lunch menus to their phones. Today’s looked like this:


They tell me in basic terms what the choices are and we order lunch. Today Rico explained, “This one’s fried fish… this one’s chicken chest…”

Chicken chest! Now why th’ hell is the normal term “chicken breast”? Chicken “chest” is just as accurate and a lot less creepy. Why would a bird have a breast? I don’t know that any animal should have breasts. Even cows, the queens of milk production, don’t have breasts.

A few years ago when I was in LA, a Thai friend of mine wasn’t feeling well, so she lay down in the backseat as we drove the hairpin turns all along Mulholland Drive. “Ohhh, the curls! The CURLS!” she wailed. Of course, she meant the curves, but why aren’t curves called curls?!

I love all these innocent language mistakes that actually make sense. I can’t get enough of this German guy pondering the logic behind the names Daddy Long Legs and Rock Paper Scissors. He’s so earnest and perplexed! I love it.

3 thoughts on “Chicken chest! (And other things that actually make sense.)

  1. I see that Rico’s language logic has captured your imagination as it has mine. Yeah, no bird should have thighs or breasts. Did some perve name the chicken parts or something?!

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