My homebody ways may save me yet again.

After I moved to Ohio from San Francisco in 2009, a coworker remarked that Columbus must be quite an adjustment. Really it wasn’t. Aside from having to buy a vehicle – I don’t enjoy driving or the endless related expenses  – my life didn’t feel that much different.

I still woke up around the same time each day, took 15 minutes getting to work (walking in SF, driving in OH), spent the day at work, went home around the same time and unwound by watching something, reading something, maybe sending an email or two.

I do wish I had access to a pet here in Hong Kong. In SF, my roommate had Blondie-dog and I had regular engagements with Cash-dog  and Charlie-dog. In Ohio, my roommate had Rupert-cat and I met regularly with Carter-cat. (a.k.a. Lump, Lumpy, Lumpty-dumpty, Lump-Ness-Monster.)

Just look at these furballs!

So I recently started reading this blog of this guy who really hates Hong Kong. He hates it so much, it’s downright comedic. Judging from the number of commenters who praise him for being dead-on, it would seem he has some valid points. Blissfully, I’m not really aware of what he talks about. But man, is he irritated!

If you only read one post, read this one. (One of his most informative ones.) And don’t forget to read the comments; at least as lively as the posts.

I think I just don’t get out enough to see all this stuff. Sure, I’ll go eat with Ian and I did the Big Bus Tour when I first got here. But for the most part, it’s sleep, work, unwind, mess around online, take some pics, post something here, and sleep again! I believe the same homebody-ness that kept me content in Ohio will keep me from turning into ihatehongkong-guy (at least for now.)

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